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Welcome to the WBLAS "School Sites" development area.
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For more info look for the FAQ link in your admin.

How to correctly Link on your new School Website
Links on any website need the proper URL (web site address) to work properly.

For example...the new address for Birch Lake will be...
http://www.whitebear.k12.mn.us/BirchLake ... this is the "Absolute Path"
http://wbl.stage.risdall.com/BirchLake ... this is the "Absolute Path" to the staging server.

But the "Relative Path" is simply... /BirchLake

Use a "Relative Path" for all links inside your website. This is a good idea since we are building on a staging server and moving to the new server... the links will always work.
For example, your web links should start with your school's sub directory, and then the file name.... /BirchLake/mypdffile.pdf

(To find your "Sub Directory", goto and click on your website. Your sub directory is the part AFTER the... http://wbl.stage.risdall.com.
For example... http://wbl.stage.risdall.com/Lincoln/ ... use /Lincoln )

Directories Renamed
Hugo Oneka and ALC have been updated, renamed and have new URLs.
Logins and passwords should remain the same as before.