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Student Placement Forms for 2017-18 School Year DUE APRIL 17

It is that time of year again and your Matoska staff is looking ahead to creating classroom groupings for the 2017-18 school year. We use a thoughtful process to place children into new classes. The process is listed below for your information. We welcome any optional input from families, as you see your child from different experiences and, of course, know your child the best. As always, we are thankful for the wonderful team of professionals and families that we work and learn with during the year.



  1. Teachers look at the "make up" of their current class and note special strengths and needs of each child.


  1. Teachers meet with next year's teachers to discuss special concerns of students that may affect placements.


  1. Teachers meet as a grade level. Parental input is taken into consideration as these classes are put together.


  1. During this process the staff look at the following to create well balanced classes:


    1. Academic balance among students
    2. Gender balance among students
    3. Individual personalities of students
    4. Special needs/strengths of students
    5. Separations/Connections needed for peer support and good learning environments



  1. Any changes that occur during the summer are requested to be reviewed by a member of the team that placed that group of students. This is to help keep the balance of the classroom for the best learning environment.


Please know that the team of professionals that work on class placements each year do so with your child's best learning environment and experience in mind. Parent input is welcomed but not required. It is important to also note that parent information forms that contain specific teacher names will not be viewed by the team placing students. We carefully look through all pieces of information to have the best and most successful placement for each child. All decisions are made by the team, keeping the balance of classroom and environment in mind as the key priority.


We thank you for your ongoing support and trust as we structure the optimal learning environment for each and every child at our school.

Student Placement Form